Spring beauty~ {Charlottesville, Virginia Family and Child Portrait Photographer}

It is always a pleasure to meet up with this family. I have taken their portraits for years now, and the kids seem to be totally used to my camera:)

I found this gorgeous field and it was perfect for this Spring session. The yellow flowers and the red barn made for a perfect backdrop, I just had to insert a beautiful family!

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Happy Birthday times 2~{Louisa, Virginia Child and Family Portrait Photographer}

I have loved every moment of capturing these adorable twins over the past year! It is so hard to believe that they will be turning a year old soon.

Remember this sweet shot from their newborn session?

Their sitter session was right around Christmas.

When their Mom told me that she wanted their one year session to be themed around the Kentucky Derby, I was thrilled! We went to the Derby last year and had a fabulous time, so I just knew this was going to be cute…and was it ever:)

They were a bit serious for the first part of the session, but they warmed up a bit…and of course they LOVED the cake.

Enjoy this way over the top cute session! The hats are my FAVORITE!!!

Happy Birthday girls~

Baby sister coming soon~ {Lake Anna Maternity and Newborn Portrait Photographer}

When Ashley contacted me for her maternity session, she said that she wanted to include her daughter in her photos, along with some of her in the lake.

I love when clients want to do something different and this was for sure! I love how her lake portraits turned out, and have included them here in the blog post since I didn’t feel that they would be appropriate for social media.

Isn’t she just a beautiful pregnant Momma? And sweet Halle takes after her for sure…I am sure baby sister will too. I can’t wait to meet her in a few months for her newborn session in my studio.

Happy Birthday!

When we lost our dog Brandi, our whole family was devastated. She was fine one day, and just a few days later diagnosed with a rare blood disorder that took her at only 7 years old.

I immediately knew that getting another dog was in our future. Our house just wasn’t the same without one. Having been a cat person for most of my life, I had never realized the unconditional love of a dog. There was definitely a huge hole in our hearts when Brandi was gone.

Enter our sweet Miss Birdie who came to us almost a year to the day of losing Brandi.   I think of her when I hear the song “It’s a better place since you came along.”  At times I get frustrated with her, like when she eats our shoes or barks at nothing, but most of the time she is right next to one of us…as she is now as I am writing this post:)

Here are some cute puppy pics….awww!

Most of the other pictures of her are on my phone…lol! We did include her in our family portrait this year and I am so glad we did.

I took these before she got a hair cut and I was setting up the studio for another session, but I just love them! The freckle on her nose…

For fun, I had my friend Jenny, of Jenny Cakes make Birdie a smash cake. She didn’t really get into it like I had hoped, but she did eat a few bones and licked the heck out of the icing!

We plan to celebrate tonight with some steak, lots of extra ball throwing and hugs~


Spring~ {Charlottesville, Virginia Child Portrait Photographer}

This family is so dear to me and I am very grateful that they have stayed with me since the beginning of my photography journey.

Every year the photos I take for them make me smile.  These cute kiddos are always fun to capture, and even though they have had their moments along the way (as you will see at the end of the post), I have never walked away from a session with nothing to show. Well, there was that one cake smash session…lol!

There is nothing that makes me happier than to deliver beautiful images to clients, images that they will treasure for years to come.

Hooray for Spring and the beauty all around us~

Happy Birthday! {Louisa, Virginia Child Portrait Photographer}

I have been photographing this sweet girl since she was in her Mommy’s belly!

When doing her 4 year old portraits, we talked about the fact that she is probably the child I have photographed the most during my photography career so far.

What a sweet little spirit she has, I love her to pieces:)

Sorry I missed posting this yesterday on your birthday sweet Carsen, thank you for always being sunshine in front of my camera!


Bodie~ {Fredericksburg, Virginia Newborn Photographer}

Meet Bodie, resident stud muffin! Both of his parents taught our oldest son, so it meant so much when they contacted me about their newborn session.

This couple is so amazing and I have no doubt that their parenting will be just as awesome!

Enjoy Bodie and all of this newness…and that hair, I mean for real!