How to choose a newborn photographer|Charlottesville, Virginia Newborn Photographer

How do I choose a professional newborn photographer?

Past Work & Portfolio: Most photographers have portfolios or blogs on their websites. Take a look at their work and style. My personal style is simple, timeless and classic.  Choose a newborn photographer that matches your style.

Testimonials & Reviews: Most photographer’s have ratings on social media and testimonials on their website.  What do past clients have to say about their experience? Is this the type of experience you are looking for?

Experience, Training & Safety: Newborn Photography is very specialized.  In my opinion, experience is the most important factor when choosing a newborn photographer.  Also, look at what kind of training the photographer has with newborns. Hands-on training is so important when it comes to photographing newborns. Safety should always be the number one priority.

Investment: Most families are on a budget. However, you are trusting a photographer with your days old baby and you want an expert not the best deal possible. These images will be treasured for generations. An experienced newborn photographer will be more expensive.  They have invested time and money in training, lighting, props and insurance (yes – photographers should have insurance!). Look at their experience and training and choose wisely.  Denise Feagans Photography offers two newborn options so that you can choose a newborn session that works for your budget.

Denise Feagans Photography will provide you with an unparalleled experience from inquiry to the session and delivery of your gallery.

Denise has been photographing newborns since January 2010. She has trained with some of the top newborn photographers in the industry. She has taken classes on safety, lighting, editing and posing. Denise shoots many newborns a year and is licensed and insured.

Denise creates the perfect environment for your newborn session experience. She styles your session with the colors you request. The studio is kept at 80-85 degrees for the comfort of the baby. She never forces a pose and stops the session if the baby needs to eat or just needs a snuggle. Safety is always her top priority.

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Perfect Baby Bump|Richmond Maternity Photographer

A perfect baby bump.  I try to take maternity images when the bump is just that…perfect!

As a Richmond, Virginia Maternity Photographer, I love when clients want to do something a little different. When Courtney wanted to do photos on the James River in Richmond I was excited. When I showed up, I was a little nervous…let’s just say I was happy to have business insurance during this session!

I just love everything about this session! The couple, her dress, the setting and her gorgeous crown made by a local florist. Everything came together for a perfect maternity session.

This stunning mama-to-be contacted me back in December to book her Maternity and Newborn Session.  She booked these sessions in December for a May Maternity Session and an August  Newborn Session.  This mama is a planner! Which makes my job much easier.   A little advice, book early!

As a Richmond, Virginia Maternity Photographer and a mom of three, I know when that bump is perfect! I typically shoot Maternity Sessions between 32-35 weeks. I have done sessions earlier and I actually did one Maternity Session four days before a mom delivered, but 32-35 weeks is ideal. At that point, you are still comfortable and your bump is rounded and perfect to show off. I also get asked, “Who is included in the session?” My answer, immediate family and that includes the furry kind. Maternity clients like to include their “first baby”, usually of the furry nature, in their session.  I am more than happy to make that happen. As a Pinehurst Maternity Photographer, I know all the perfect session locations for furry family members, too.

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I can’t wait to hear from you and capture these precious moments for your family.

Milestone session

So three under three…lol!  The beginning was perfect and went south from there with lots of tears and bribes, but I captured them perfectly I think!

This session happened to celebrate Kenley’s 3rd birthday, with some twin sister fun added to the mix.

These sweet girls and their Momma mean the world to me, and I am so very glad that I get to see them personally as well as professionally a few times a year:)

Thank goodness for bubbles:)

Louisa Newborn Photographer

Jase was two weeks old for his newborn session, which I am finding is a great age to do newborn photos. Most babies seem to be getting acclimated to eating and sleeping by then.

Jase was a perfect little model for me. And the dark hair…I mean come on, I love babies with lots of dark hair! I also adore the shot of him with the bear booties on. His mother used them to announce her pregnancy, so it was fitting to use them at his session.  They also brought some antlers since his dad is an avid hunter, and we were also able to incorporate those into a set up. As a Louisa Newborn Photographer, I love being able to personalize newborn sessions to show the personality and interests of the parents.

I hope that Jase’s parents are able to look back on these photos to remember every little detail of Jase at this moment.


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Charlottesville, Virginia Maternity Photographer

This gorgeous Momma to be happens to be one of my best friends. Even though she is about 20 years younger than me, I love the deep connection we have together.

I was so happy to be a part of her wedding two years ago, and now I get to experience her becoming a mother for the first time. I remember so well carrying my first baby, (23 years ago…what?) and the emotions that go along with the true miracle of a baby growing inside of you.

As I have watched her belly grow, I am getting super excited to meet this baby…and none of us knows if it is a girl or a boy! I am secretly thinking girl, but who knows?

I have always wanted to take maternity portraits near the water. Back in July, she and I, along with another friend, traveled to Virginia Beach for her maternity session. The first night we captured sunset portraits and were so giddy with the setting and in awe of her beauty. She really is radiant isn’t she? The next morning, we rose early to catch the sunrise and WOW, again, the scenery and the subject were perfection!

Rachael, I am anxiously waiting along with you as you enter the most wonderful club there is. When you see your baby’s face, it is like no other love in the world. I love you and can’t wait to see you experience this wonderful thing we call motherhood!

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Richmond, Virginia Newborn Portraits

Olivia, what a perfect name for this gorgeous baby girl. I love the colors of her session. As a Richmond, Virginia Newborn Photographer, I always style my sessions the day before. I have my prop set-ups and wraps, hats, and headbands ready to go! Mom wanted whites, creams and peach tones. Doesn’t she look gorgeous?

Sometimes a client will request that a special prop be used. Olivia’s grandfather had recently passed away, so her mother wanted some angel wings on Olivia. I was so happy to do this for them, and I am sure this photo will be cherished forever.

Oliva’s session was a Mini Newborn Session. This session is all about the baby! It’s a shorter session and I typically do all prop shots, but have done a few bean bag only Mini Sessions recently. The newborn is wrapped or in little pants during the session.  The images are exactly what defines my style…simple, timeless and classic. I hand edited a seven images from a Newborn Mini Session.

As a Richmond, Virginia Newborn Photographer, I am thrilled to capture these first moments for Tallie Grace’s family.

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Charlottesville, Virginia Newborn Photographer

As a Charlottesville, Virginia Newborn photographer, most of my sessions are done in my studio. Sometimes clients ask for me to come to them, so I also offer the option of a lifestyle home session.

At-home lifestyle newborn sessions are about the connection and love that family members already have for this new life. I’ll capture special moments with each family member and the baby as well as the family all together. If siblings are involved, we usually take care of those photos first so that they can go and play during the rest of the session. It can be helpful to have a friend or family member at the house who can watch siblings during the rest of the session so that Mom and Dad can be in photos with the baby. There will also be time for photos of the baby alone; these are usually done when the baby is sleepiest and while I’ll pose the baby a little, I keep it very natural. I take photos of babies swaddled or undressed and they are posed in a way you’d find them naturally. I also bring along a prop or two:)

I also enjoy being able to include the family pets into the session. As a Charlottesville, Virginia newborn photographer. I know how important those “first” babies are to your family even if they have four legs!

I have photographed this family many times, including the newborn session of their first baby, Ava. Ava was so proud to introduce her little brother Ben to me!

What an adorable family of 5!


Richmond, Virginia Maternity Photographer

As a Richmond, Virginia Maternity Photographer, I love Maternity Sessions for so many reasons.  It’s such a exciting time and a maternity session is the perfect way to celebrate it!

I love capturing that mom-to-be glow!  It’s a thing, I promise you. I don’t know if it’s the hormones or the extra adrenaline, but it’s stunning.

It’s a way to celebrate the amazing things the human body can do! You are growing and nourishing a new life. Truly amazing!

A beautiful round bump – perfection! There is nothing like a baby bump. I do maternity sessions between 32-35 weeks to capture that perfect bump.

So many reasons to to do a Maternity Session with Denise Feagans  Photography. I am now offering outdoor and studio sessions. Studio sessions are just for mom, but an outdoor session can include the whole family, even the furry ones! Why do I love Maternity Sessions?  I get to meet and get to know a family before their new addition arrives.

I enjoyed meeting this couple at a gorgeous outdoor location in Richmond, Virginia. What a perfect backdrop to showcase this special time!



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Fall 2017 Mini Sessions

I have many different options and locations for fall mini sessions this year!  Because the slots usually go quickly, and to help me stay organized, ALL money is due up front.  If the time comes that we need to reschedule for rain or sickness, I will make up the session with you on another day. The only time I would not return the money is if you cancel at the last minute and I can’t fill the spot.

Please email me at with what date and time slot you would like. Please provide me with an email for a PayPal invoice. As soon as your invoice is paid, your spot will be updated with “taken” on this post.

I can’t wait to see old clients and hopefully meet some new ones. Please share this post with anyone you feel might be interested!

Studio Christmas Pajama Sessions…Louisa, Virginia

Will take place in my Louisa studio~

**I can also accommodate these on weekdays depending on my schedule so just email me at if you would like a weekday session.

$150 for 7 images and $250 for 10-12 images (plus tax)


Saturday October 28th

10am taken Peyton

10:30 am

11am taken Johnson


12pm taken Groome

Saturday November 4th

10am  taken Henshaw

10:30 am

11am taken Gumear



Family Sessions in Charlottesville at UVA

$250 for 10-12 images (plus tax)

Saturday October 14th

4:30pm taken Armstrong

5pm taken Wilder

5:30pm taken Ward

6pm taken Brown

Family Sessions in Downtown Richmond, Virginia

I haven’t done many downtown sessions, and I am still unsure of exactly where these will take place, but they will have more of an urban feel to them!

$250 for 10-12 images (plus tax)

Sunday October 29th

4pm taken Ledford

4:30pm taken Miller

5pm taken Hendricks

5:30pm taken Glaser

6pm taken Newcomb

Family Sessions at Prospect Hill in Louisa, Virginia

$250 for 10-12 images (plus tax)

Saturday, November 4th


4:30pm taken Farmer

5pm taken Wickham



Senior and Family Sessions at Pleasant Grove in Fluvanna, Virginia

$250 for 10-12 images (plus tax)

Friday, September 29th





6pm taken McLaughlin

Saturday, September 30th




5:30pm taken Davis

6pm taken McAllister



Cake Smash|Charlottesville, Virginia Cake Smash Photographer

As a Charlottesville, Virginia Child Photographer, I just love one year sessions! Most of the time the one year old is one that I have captured as a newborn, so it is so amazing to see how much they grow in just 12 months.

I enjoy working with my clients to plan out the perfect one year old session.  There are so many options and so much we can do to make the session extra special!

Cake smash sessions include the cake, the set up, and some family photos.

Just you wait for the cuteness of Benjamin! And those blue eyes are to die for!

I captured his maternity session and then his newborn session. How wonderful to work with this family again.

Book your cake smash session with me today so you can capture wonderful moments like these~

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I can’t wait to hear from you and capture these precious moments for your family.