Giving Back

When I began this business, obviously I was excited to be earning some extra income.  Having been a stay at home mom for 16 years, I hadn’t been able to contribute much to our family income except for some part time baby-sitting.  I also knew that God was up to something when he began to bless me with many wonderful clients with my only publicity being Facebook and word of mouth.

As I prayed about how God would like me to give back, I immediately thought of adoption.  Because of our adoption experience with our daughter I knew that this was where I wanted to donate some of my money.  Our little girl has blessed our family tremendously and I wanted her to see that we wanted to give back to those like her…they all need a chance, don’t they?  At first I was giving individual familes money to help them with the cost of adoption, but then I felt led to pick an organization whose main purpose was to help orphans in need.

Maggie was blessed to be in foster care in China.  Studies have shown that this really helps children with attachment once they are joined with their forever families.  If the child is loved and trusts a family to take care of them, it usually follows that they will love and trust their adoptive family.  Of course we know that these children grieve the loss of that foster family, but the personal care they are given is usually much more than an orphanage can provide.

But not only was our daughter in foster care, she was also a special needs child.  At 8 months of age she had heart surgery in China, a surgery that probably saved her life and made her eligible for adoption.

As I researched some organizations, I kept being drawn to two of them.  Interestingly enough, neither one was an organization that provided Maggie with her care.  Both of them are small and so I felt could use the donation.  I will be sponsoring two children a month through these organizations.

My friend Diana volunteers for Pearl River.  Pearl River matches you with children who need to be sponsored to be in foster care. Here is their mission statement~

The Mission of Pearl River Outreach is to improve the lives of orphaned children in China through basic professional medical training of staff, volunteers, and foster parents in Chinese orphanages. It is our belief that simple, standardized professional training in basic infant and child care is the first step toward the healthy growth and development that every child deserves.

Meet Emerson who is in Zhanjiang, Guangdong.  She just turned 1, how cute is she?

And sweet Liza is in is in Changsha, Hunan~

 Another blog friend of mine, Stephanie, volunteers for An Orphan’s Wish, although I am not sure where she finds the time because she and her huband have adopted 6 kiddos from China and are now in the process of bringing 1 more home…whew!

 Orphan’s Wish specializes in healing and helping children with special needs, medical conditions and cerebral palsy. They have three units where they provide specialized care for orphaned children in need:

  • Special Care Unit – For children with medical needs or requiring specialized care
  • Clubfoot Casting Unit – For children with uncorrected clubfoot
  • Residential/Cerebral Palsy Unit – For children with cerebral palsy or other special needs that require long-term care

Meet Lucy who I was was able to name, entered their facility to be treated for clubfoot…oh be still my heart:)

Something else that I love about all of these organizations is that we continue to get new children once these kiddos go home to a forever family!

So I just wanted to let my clients know that when you pay for a session, part of that fee is going to these sweet kiddos in China.  If you are interested at all in sponsoring a child please contact me or go directly to their sites.