Happy Birthday!

When we lost our dog Brandi, our whole family was devastated. She was fine one day, and just a few days later diagnosed with a rare blood disorder that took her at only 7 years old.

I immediately knew that getting another dog was in our future. Our house just wasn’t the same without one. Having been a cat person for most of my life, I had never realized the unconditional love of a dog. There was definitely a huge hole in our hearts when Brandi was gone.

Enter our sweet Miss Birdie who came to us almost a year to the day of losing Brandi.   I think of her when I hear the song “It’s a better place since you came along.”  At times I get frustrated with her, like when she eats our shoes or barks at nothing, but most of the time she is right next to one of us…as she is now as I am writing this post:)

Here are some cute puppy pics….awww!

Most of the other pictures of her are on my phone…lol! We did include her in our family portrait this year and I am so glad we did.

I took these before she got a hair cut and I was setting up the studio for another session, but I just love them! The freckle on her nose…

For fun, I had my friend Jenny, of Jenny Cakes make Birdie a smash cake. She didn’t really get into it like I had hoped, but she did eat a few bones and licked the heck out of the icing!

We plan to celebrate tonight with some steak, lots of extra ball throwing and hugs~