Newborn Session Info

 Session Info~

1.Newborn Session in studio

~Newborn sessions can take 2-3 hours, (except the mini newborn session) so patience is key. Don’t be concerned with this, I am flexible and just continue on if I encounter an “awake” baby!

~Newborn sessions are best done when your baby is under 2 weeks old, so please book in advance.

~Once you book, your due date will be placed on my calendar. Then I ask that you contact me as soon as the baby is born so we can get your session on my calendar.

~I supply all of the blankets, hats and props, but if you have something special you want to use, you may bring it to the session.

~Try to have some awake time with your baby before traveling to the studio so that he/she will hopefully sleep for me:) This is very important so I don’t have to spend a long time getting them to sleep.

~Please feed your newborn before coming and be prepared to do so if needed during the session. I also recommend bringing a bottle if possible.

~Please bring a pacifier as some babies need this to comfort them or for transition times during the session. Even if your baby is not taking a pacifier, please bring one to the session.

~Dress your baby in something that I can unbutton, nothing that I have to pull over the head.

~The studio will be very warm, so if you are doing family shots as well, dress in layers!

~If sibling photos are to be included, I recommend those and family photos being done first. Then another parent or grandparent can take them somewhere so the focus can be on the baby. My studio space is not big enough to hold a lot of people and having older siblings there can be distracting. If no siblings are included, family photos are done after the newborn photos.

~When you bring your baby in, please leave him/her in their car seat and I will take care of getting them out.

*This is such a special time in your lives, but I know it is also exhausting. Please come prepared to relax and enjoy watching me capture these special moments of your little one.

2. Lifestyle Newborn Session

~Make sure your house is warm and that baby has just been fed before I arrive.

~I will be bringing minimal props, so decide where you might like to do family photos with baby. I suggest either a large bed or a large blank wall.

~Make sure a pacifier is available just in case:)

3. Family Sessions

~Family sessions usually take about an hour, it just depends on the size of your family, I don’t put time limits on these.

~ For clothing, I recommend that you wear something you are comfortable in and what you would wear to an evening out.  You want your portraits to remain timeless and you also don’t want to look like someone you are not.  I recommend coordinating, not matching.  I typically start with one outfit for my kids that I love and then I build off of it grabbing complimentary colors and go from there.  Layering is one of my favorites and adds a nice touch to a portrait. Great jewelry is another nice touch that adds an extra punch.  For children, a cute hat can be fun for some portraits.  I recommend stores such as Gap which is my go to… H&M and J Crew.  Avoid  clothing with big logos and cartoon characters.  And please avoid the white shirts and jeans! That look is long gone!

4. Child Studio Session

~If possible, make sure your little one is well rested and has maybe has had a nap before our time together.

~Most kiddos take time to warm up to me, so if we can, I like to do the family photo first. This gives them a chance to get used to the funny lady with the camera!

~For cake smashes, I recommend that your child be introduced to something with sugar in it before that day…if that cake is the first sweet thing they taste, they may not be happy…